Mission One

Hello all!

For these last two weekends, we went over to the Bernard Field Station which is owned by the Claremont Colleges to test the Iver2 in the lake. Jerry and Yukun joined us from the LAIR which is lucky because we weren’t entirely sure what we were doing. 🙂 They showed us the ropes and got us used to the robot. We drove it around in manual mode and tested out its turning radius. We noticed it made much tighter right turns than left.

Akhil running the Iver in manual mode.

We also successfully ran a simple mission. The map was downloaded from Google Earth with some adjustments and by using Vector Maps, the mission was a piece of cake. We plopped a few points down, kept an eye on the turns, and gave it a parking point. Our first mission was a complete success!

Nick grabbing the Iver from the lake.

We went home bolstered  by our accomplishments and began making plans for mission two: diving.


I spy an Iver!

CO2 Sensor Part 1

One of the properties of the volcanic lakes we are interested in measuring is the dissolved CO2. We looked at different options for CO2 sensors and decided to build our own based on a paper published by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. We ordered all the parts last week, and some of the parts came in on friday.


we spent friday night soldering and were able to get most of the components together. Here are some pictures.



After a wild search for header pins, we ended up being just 6 pins short. Here are the final products:


Preparation for Trip to Bernard Field Station

Hey everyone!

Last week we began planning a trip to the Bernard Field Station in order to execute some missions and path planning on the Iver. The idea was to get familiar with both manual control and the process of downloading and executing a mission on the AUV that we are going to be deploying in Costa Rica.

In order to get some practice downloading and executing a mission on the Iver, we first experimented with a mission in our very own parking lot at Mudd.

Here are some pictures from our fake mission in the parking lot: