Our First Day in Costa Rica

Saturday started with a very early morning. We met at the lab at 7:30am to double check that everything was packed before we left for Costa Rica. We decided to bring along the ROV because the AUV has been held up in customs for the past couple days. As we were leaving the lab, we noticed that the very thin Teflon tubing, which acts as the membrane for our CO2 sensor, had snapped at one of the joints! We did not have enough time to try to fix it then so we just had to pack it and worry about it later.  We landed in Costa Rica at 9:00pm local time and went out to get a quick bite to eat before we started working on the sensors. Image We worked late into the night to get the CO2 sensor running, and we were able to get it into a working state before the end of the night. We are excited for our field test in the Holiday Inn pool tomorrow where we will test the complete CO2 setup and drive the ROV for the first time.


2 thoughts on “Our First Day in Costa Rica”

  1. Nick, so good to hear about your successes! Keep them coming! We love our very international and successful family!
    Aunt Mary Beth

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