ROV testing hotel style

We got to test out the ROV and the CO2 sensor in the Holiday inn pool on Sunday morning. We had trouble finding an outlet outdoors, so we had to drive the ROV from a hallway inside of the hotel. It was a lot of fun zipping it around the small pool, and Emily was able to breach the ROV.

ROV Breach

Akhil Rov

Nick ROV

Our CO2 sensor tests on the other hand, did not fair so well. The sensor kept giving us the same value regardless of what condition we put the sensor in. we ran out of time before we could figure out what was wrong, and decided that we would work on it again later that night. We then drove to the hotel that we would be staying at for the next couple nights. It is amazing. This is the view from outside of the room:

Hotel Room

We also found our towels nicely arranged when we got into our room:


After getting something to eat we began working on debugging the CO2 sensor, and were ultimately able to figure out that our issues were due to a small coding error. After another long night working we are excited to get a day of rest exploring the area around the Arenal volcano.


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