Journey to the Poas Volcano

Yo everyone.

I’m supposed to write this blog about our journey from the Arenal Volcanic Lake to Poas. But before I give you a captivating account of our journey, I want you guys to see this.


That’s Emily hard at work with the Harry Potter audio book blasting through those ear phones. I would put up pictures of Emily ‘working’ on the hammock as well, but I’m confident that this is sufficiently embarrassing for Emily.

Now that I have gotten back (kind of, although not really) at Emily for uploading the picture of me stuck in the zip line, I can tell you about our journey to Poas.

A couple of weeks ago, I had posted about the biggest and most violent active volcano in Costa Roca. That was Poas. Therefore, while we were sad to leave the all the fun at Arenal, we were excited to visit and sample Lake Botos of the Poas Volcano.

The way up to Poas was beautiful. The following picture of a waterfall that we saw on our way does some justice to how nice the journey was:


After we got to Poas, we discovered that we are going to be spending the rest of our days here with rangers. They extended a super warm welcome to all of us as we entered their home with robotic torpedoes and broken Spanish.

And for all that wonderful hospitality (not to mention the wonderful Costa Rican food), we did not take long to turn their neat and clean home into our wretchedly messy lab:


We spent the rest of the night giving some final touches to our new pH and CO2 sensors. We also fixed some of the damages that our robot saw on its way from Claremont.

Its midnight here now, and we have to wake up at 6 am to go to Lake Botos. However, I doubt my ability to sleep well tonight as nervousness about using the sensors that we have been working so hard on builds up over night.

Signing off!


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