The Most Beautiful Spot in Costa Rica


Today was such a great day! We went on a hike and found the most beautiful spot in Costa Rica.

The morning began bright and early at 7am. We had breakfast at the lodge and hopped into the car to head to the base of the volcano we would be hiking up. Just before jumping into the car we found our first lizard of the day! It was bright green and Prof Clark was able to grab it to get a better look.

This is where we initially found the lizard.
Can you find the lizard on the tree?
Can you find the lizard on the tree?
Prof Clark holding the lizard.

The hike was a two kilometer trek with a lake at the end. Unfortunately it was steeply uphill the entire way, but we all made it. Along the way, we found three lizards, one butterfly, one frog, and one giant spider. That we got pictures of that is. 🙂

Lizard number one found by Prof Clark on the way up.
Butterfly found by Emily and Nick on the way up.
Frog found by Nick on the way up.
Basilisk found by Prof Clark on the way down.
Big spider found by Don on the way down. Can you spot it?
Lizard found by Nick on the way down. Look closely.

After the two hour hike to the top, we stopped by the viewing area to take a look the volcano. It was stunning.

The view of the volcano from the top of the other volcano.

Next, we descended the last hundred meters to reach the Green Lake. It lived up to its name! It was definitely green and cold. We had all either brought or wore our suites so we went for a quick swim. Nick and Prof Clark actually swam across the entire lake. It was decently impressive, at least to me.

The Green Lake

It was all downhill from there! However, there were still some spectacular views.

The view from just outside of the forest looking out.
The view from just outside of the forest looking at the way up.

Luckily food was not far from the end of the trail. We ate lunch at the hotel where we got more than we thought we ordered. For example, Don thought he was just ordering a drink for himself when, apparently, he had ordered it for the whole table. Plantains, limes, and ice cream magically appeared, too! It was great and very much needed. We were able to hop in the hotel  pool before heading back to work on sensors.

Sensor work was the same as usual. We got the Ph sensor working by rewiring and fixing the soldering on the PCB. The CO2 sensor got its final connections epoxed after all other options were explored.

After some good quality sensor work, we skipped out to head to dinner and to follow Don to a free hot spring. The hot spring was a bit off the beaten track and under a cement bridge that was obviously not meant for tourist eyes. However, the water was beautiful! It was so warm and the current was so much fun. It almost pulled me down stream multiple times! It is so hard to describe just how beautiful this spot was. After the freezing cold Green Lake, the steaming hot spring was incredible.

Akhil and Prof Clark in the hot spring.
Nick and Prof Clark in the hot spring.
All of us in the hot spring falling over. 🙂

Today was incredible! There is no doubt. Akhil went on his first hike and we got to relax in the steaming hot spring. Can’t wait for another day!



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