Into the mist and amidst the kraken

Today was the first time we have deployed the IVER in a Volcanic lake! We started the day with a great breakfast courtesy of the rangers.  After getting a ride to the trailhead we grabbed all of our gear and headed to the lake. Once we got to the lake we were greeted with a wall of mist.

photo 3

photo 1

We quickly unpacked the IVER and started some basic surface missions to insure that the IVER was working correctly. Then we mounted a GoPro to the top of the IVER and sent it off on a mission designed to calculate the depth at various parts of the lake.

Akhil and Nick went out in the rowboat to follow the IVER, but it was too fast, so it quickly disappeared from their view. All they could see was water and fog, and all they could hear was the distant sound of the motor which they dubbed the “kraken”. After a few encounters with the “kraken” and a round about route, Nick and Akhil returned safely and soon after the Iver appeared as well. Here is some video taken from the AUV:

We then had to pack up all of the equitment and hike out.  Just as we got into the car to leave, all of the  fog went away, and we saw the sun for the first time. We decided to hike back up and look at the main crater for the first time.



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