Back to School

It feels weird to be back at school. After spending a week immersed in a new culture with volcano’s out our windows, Claremont seems feels tame. Especially after eating an entire box of fresh strawberries!

Now that¬†classes are back in full swing we’re¬†starting to plan our next steps. We’re working on improving the design of the CO2 sensor, getting bathymetry maps, and researching a new destination in California for testing over summer.

Here’s our new bathymetry map with altitude and variance graphs.

Variance Graph
A graph of the variance of the bathymetry map based on the distance from the origin.
A graph of the lake’s average altitude.
Bathmetry Map of Botos
Full bathymetry map. The black lines at the top is the path the Iver took when gathering this data.


We all had a great time in Costa Rica and certainly learned a lot about doing research in the field. For example, not everything goes as planned no matter how much planning goes into it. We’ll never forgot this week.